Fjuul & OmaTurva Oy

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Information about insurance agent

Register Information

OmaTurva Oy is registered as an insurance agent in the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority's register of insurance agents, registration number 906433. The registration can be checked at The operations of OmaTurva Oy are supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Insurers represented by OmaTurva Oy

Squarelife Insurance AG.


OmaTurva Oy does not directly or indirectly own more than ten percent of the votes or capital of any insurer. The insurer or the insurer's parent company does not directly or indirectly own more than ten percent of OmaTurva Oy's voting rights or capital.

Providing a personal recommendation

OmaTurva Oy does not give personal recommendations for the insurances it offers.

Information about the commission

Squarelife Insurance AG, operating as a cooperation partner of OmaTurva Oy, can pay one-time and ongoing fees in connection with the commission of insurance. The fees are based on the amount of sales of the policies offered by OmaTurva Oy as an insurance agent and/or the size of the policies in euros and the insurance management service.

OmaTurva Oy can pay fees related to the commission of insurance to its insurance agent partners. The size of the premiums is based on the amount of sales of the insurances offered by the insurance agent-collaborator and/or the size of the insurances in euros, as well as the qualitative criteria of the remuneration system.

Appeal procedures

If your complaint concerns OmaTurva Oy's operations or a specific insurer's product, we always ask you to contact OmaTurva first. If the matter is not resolved, you can make a written complaint to OmaTurva Oy and/or the insurer that issued the insurance in question, Squarelife Insurance AG. You can also contact FINE, more specifically