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General terms of use of online services

1. Acceptance of Terms

These terms of use apply to the website of OmaTurva Oy (OmaTurva). OmaTurva Oy is responsible for OmaTurva's online services. By visiting our website or using our service, you commit to and accept these terms of use and the processing of our customer data in accordance with our data protection register. In addition to these general terms of use, our services may also contain special terms that apply separately. OmaTurva's websites and their subpages, services, materials and information are intended for use in Finland. The main service language for online sales is Finnish, but depending on the product and target group, the service language can be Swedish and English.

OmaTurva Oy is an insurance agent registered in the register of insurance agents maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority, whose activities are supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Our main activity is insurance sales, insurance administration and insurance management and insurance-related customer service. These terms of use only apply to the services provided by OmaTurva Oy in its online service and do not bind the insurance companies from which the customer buys the insurance.

2. Changes

OmaTurva Oy has the right unilaterally and without separate notice to change the terms of use, appearance, content, services offered on the pages, features of the pages, or close the pages or the service offered, of the OmaTurva website and its subpages. OmaTurva Oy has the right to suspend the provision of the service during maintenance and update procedures. The mentioned interruptions are scheduled in such a way that there is as little inconvenience as possible to customers and customer services.

3. Service provider

The main service provider of OmaTurva Oy's website and its subpages is:

OmaTurva Oy, trade register number 3252490-9

4. Responsibility of the service provider

OmaTurva Oy is not responsible for damages that may be caused by the use of these pages or electronic services or by preventing access or related damage. OmaTurva Oy does not guarantee that electronic services and websites work without interruption or without errors. The information and material provided on OmaTurva Oy's website or its sub-pages cannot be considered as a binding offer, invitation or commitment to OmaTurva Oy unless the matter has been specifically notified.

5. Information produced by a third party

OmaTurva Oy is not responsible for material produced or published by a third party or for any indirect or direct damages resulting from possible incorrect information in these materials

6. Intellectual property rights

The copyright and intellectual property rights of the appearance of the OmaTurva website or its sub-pages or the content on them belong to OmaTurva Oy. Publishing, reproducing, transferring or changing the content or appearance of the pages without the written permission of the right holder is prohibited. Personal use is allowed, e.g. by printing a single page. If information is borrowed from the website, the source or link to a source from which the information can be verified must be clearly visible in the content.

7. Limitation of liability

OmaTurva Oy carefully tries to ensure the correctness of the information on the pages. OmaTurva Oy is not responsible for the correctness of the information or any indirect or direct damages that may arise from it. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the message sent or the information provided via the website or its subpages. OmaTurva Oy is not responsible for indirect or direct damages caused by the loss or integrity of data sent through the OmaTurva website or its subpages.

OmaTurva Oy cannot guarantee the confidentiality of e-mails and text messages sent on an open data network. The customer must avoid sending confidential information to OmaTurva Oy via an unsecured email or text message connection.

8. Marketing

OmaTurva Oy can store your information for targeting marketing via phone, e-mail, text message or other direct marketing channel for you for one year after the processing of your latest application has ended. We use the information you provide and other information related to your most recent application. You can deny this at any time by contacting customer service:

You can also subscribe to OmaTurva Oy's newsletter by accepting the subscription terms. Consent can be given orally, by e-mail or via a form or order link in the online service. In this context, OmaTurva Oy may store and process the personal data you provide and may contact you in the future by e-mail, via social media channels or digital channels, by phone and letter in order to inform OmaTurva Oy about new products, services or other offers of the partners mentioned on its website or its subpages. The consent given to OmaTurva Oy is valid until further notice. If you do not want to receive communications from OmaTurva Oy or if you want to withdraw your consent or stop subscribing to our newsletter at any time, please contact customer service:

9. Invoicing and cancellation of products

Invoices for products sold by OmaTurva Oy are charged using your chosen payment method always on the day of invoicing. At least one payment method must be defined. As a rule, the billing cycle is annual, unless specified in the product-specific insurance terms and conditions and the customer has chosen other billing cycles. You can change the invoicing period and invoicing method in accordance with the product-specific insurance conditions. If the charge of the payment fails, you will receive a notification by e-mail.

10. Processing of personal data

You can read more about OmaTurva Oy's Privacy Statement here.

11. Transfer of Rights

OmaTurva Oy is entitled to transfer all or part of its usage rights or obligations, partially or completely, without the users' separate consent, to a subsidiary or successor, or to a possible buyer of the business related to OmaTurva Oy's website or its subpages.

12. Applicable Law and Disputes

These general terms of use have been drawn up in compliance with the laws of the state of Finland. Disagreements that may arise from these terms of use will primarily be resolved through negotiations. If an amicable solution cannot be reached, the disagreement will be resolved in the Helsinki district court. The consumer has the right to also refer the matter to the consumer dispute board ( for resolution.